Friday, December 24, 2010


Namaste Everyone!

Alas I haven't come to thris internet cafe with the usb cord for my camera (which is a blessing as there's just so much to see and do here I can't justify spending too long in this internet cafe), however thought I'd just write a wee blog to update you all on what we've been up to in MUMBAI!

This city is great! It's warm, all the time, approx 30 degrees and only slightly colder at night which makes for a nice change. There are amazing old buildings everywhere, it's clean! (ish) there's great shops, and an amazing restaurant called Hotel Majestic. Well to call it a restaurant would be a bit of a stretch - more of a dining hall, but a great one at that! Packed with locals and a few tourists all mains are under 70 rupees (approx $2.10 nzd) and the food is fantastic! Alex has been so happy with his meal every time we've eaten there (three times now in two days) that he lets me get a Mc Donald's soft serve with chocolate hot fudge sauce afterward (apparently - and I definitely disagree with this, Ice Cream is not good for sick/vomiting people like myself).

Mums friend from work Shirin showed us round the city today which was fabulous and we discovered some export shops that sell slightly faulty or excess stock so bought a few things.

Will ensure I write and put up some more photos soon



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