Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Namaste Friends!

I'm at our hotel using expensive internet because the internet cafe I was in kept disconnecting and with alex on a bike ride I was no match for the gang of Indian men running it. I actually cried on the street after. Haha so you all better appreciate this post! Actually this can serve as my therapy so will be relatively cheap.

Lots to say! We had a mixed three days in Varanasi - amazing city, but being hounded by 'touts' 24/7 wherever you are gets so tiring! (mixture of this plus 14hour train ride plus mean internet men has caused my wee mental breakdown)... Every rickshaw driver, shop 'owner', boat owner, silk shop owner is constantly trying to get you into their shop, and they're so darn persistant! I'm quite a bitch to most of them I have to admit, Alex usually ends up chatting to them whilst I at intervals turn around and yell 'GO AWAY!" ... Their response? You're wife is so grumpy sir... She not like to talk much? Apparently there is no Hindi translation for girlfriend haha. However after teaching him the 'do not say anything rule', things have improved greatly and we have been able to get around ever so slightly faster.... I actually found a t-shirt in Varanasi that said

No rickshaw
No boat
No silk
No Problem!

No problem is the second most used phrase after namaste, you come look at my shop? No buy, no problem...

That aside these encounters have often been halerious.... one rickshaw driver who persisted with asking Alex (knew not to attempt speaking to me) "where you going sir" ... A: Your momma's house, reply: Yes yes no problem... Haha man oh man

In other news we discovered a hot new beverage 'Mazaa' - a mango fruit drink, with alphonso - who is apparently the king of mangoes - sooo delicious and refreshing, GET YOURS TODAY!

All touts aside, walking along the ghats in Varanasi is amazing. So much colour and interesting people to watch I loved sitting in ghat side restaurants and at our hotel watching the world go by.

I've written down a few points to ensure I pop on poppadom : ) So will just quickly jot them down!

Alex has a new found obsession with Buffalo, wanting to follow them everywhere and get his picture taken next to them.
Most amazing pizza at Vaatika cafe
 Dawn boat ride on the Ganges
Attempting to row ze boat
My attempt, I thought I would be much, much better being an ex-rower and all, however after 5min of turning the boat in full circles I handed it back to our slightly loco boat paddler.

Sun rise on the Ganges

Man who sailed out with stuff to sell to tourists on boats! Crazy I tell you! they never stop!
Authentic devotee who one night called 'Goodnight' to us from his rooftop balcony. A real cutie.
 Weighing beads for necklace making

Alex continues to deny that he is reading Eat, Pray, Love, but his persistent requests to 'borrow' it lead me to believe otherwise...

Had a lot more to say but between booking thailand stuff and ze slow upload of photos I have to get off el internet! 

Until next time my young ones


Indian girl.


  1. Wowww it looks like you are having the most amazing time! I'm very jealous - forgot how much I love and miss India! Keep remembering heaps of stuff I did over there. So glad you did the dawn boat ride. Some of the more expensive silk shops in the muslim area of Varanasi are worth going to look at even if you don't buy anything cos the fabric is so so beautiful. Where are you planning to go from Varanasi? One word of warning there - take something to do at the train station. We waited 7.5 hours til 4am for our train to come haha but you probably have realised by now the reliability of the India train system.

    Keep the blogging coming and watch out for monkeys, they're worse than dogs

    Kathleen xxxx

  2. Haha in Orchha now, post visiting Khajuraho. Orchha is so nice and peaceful! But getting a driver tomorrow and heading to Rathambore National Park - Alex is hoping to see a tiger!

    And yes, already hate the trains! But they're a necessity on a budget unfortunately.

    And I have been treating all animals like the plague so will hopefully be rabies free on my return! (touch wood)


  3. Hi Alex&Emily,
    hope your journey to Bombay was good and you will arrive safe to Thailand to enjoy Christmas :-))))
    Thanks for nice company during Safari, we really enjoyed it :-)
    All the best

    PS: sending you the website of Budhist meditation group in Auckland where you can get more information and answers for your questions :-))))))

    U can find the books i have told you on this website (or ask someone in meditation group)