Sunday, April 27, 2014


It was amazing. You must all go. If Glastonbury is going to be better than this I AM SO EXCITED!

Here is a wee photo essay to summarise the weekend. Silly blog jumbled them so they're not in chronological order but I can't fight this slow internet for too much longer!

Top acts according to Emily

Outkast - omg, apparently they were a bit crap weekend 1 but they must of seriously revised these faults as they were phenomenal! Extremely excited to see them again at Glastonbury in June.

Pharrell - What a performer! Everyone was just overwhelmed with what was happening on that stage. He performed songs I had forgotten were even his, this guy is amazing. And after seeing Jay Z perform, I defintiely need to add him into my concert bucket list.

Calvin Harris - I didn't think Calvin would be that great to be honest, but from the moment he started DJ-ing the crowd just went absolutely ballistic. I had to ration out my jumping throughout his set as I just wasn't fit enough to keep up!

Rudimental - such a super act to see live and my main man John Newman came onto stage to sing Feel the Love which blew my mind.

Other top mentions go to: Chromeo, Ellie Goulding, Disclosure (feat. Mary J Blige - BLAST FROM THE PAST), Arcade Fire & Netsky - who closed Coachella in style.

Ze Ferris Wheel!

When the sky exploded with confetti at Pharell for Happy. Absolutely incredible. Loved seeing Jay Z, Usher and Busta Rhymes up there, it was all just a bit much and then this confetti explosion! JOY!

Lost and delirious on the COACHELLA NIGHT TOUR! Bloody Mario... 

Rudimental - also a highlight, so impressive live!

The gals on our last day

Ready for day 1!

Some great festival attire

Ellie Goulding - awesome.

Chromeo - so much better live than I had expected!

Our NZ Coachella crew - taken on the golf course at the gated community we stayed in.

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