Friday, November 26, 2010

Old Delhi and Agra

Namaste Everyone!

We have been learning Hindi! Well mostly Alex, but we bought a phrase book and he got an extensive lesson on the train from Delhi to Agra with from our over friendly travel companions. This computer's a bit crap so I'm just going to write a wee blurb under each photo instead of long extensive tale. We're pretty tired right now, and our train to Varanasi isn't until 11.30pm, and doesn't arrive until midday tomorrow so we're in for a treat!
We're going to hopefully stay at Hotel Alka on the banks of the Ganges on trip advisor (website) you can find some very cool photos of it if anyones interested.

Monkey eating banana in the middle of Delhi

Entrance sign at the bird hospital we visited - halerious

.... this was also at the bird hospital entrance

Red Fort, Delhi

Trying to fit in

In Saree alley way Old Delhi

Alley way in Old Delhi, they have the most amazing bazzars here I was in awe. Whole lanes dedicated to beads, diff ones for fabrics, embellishments, hardware etc. Haha the hardware lane was pretty boring. Alex actually almost got attacked by a dog in that lane, just randomly jumped out from the kerb and headed straight for him, barking like mental. I sprinted off, but he barked back along with all the locals in the lane which deterred the dog. However I am still haunted by this incident as one of our rickshaw drivers told us it was because we have a different scent than locals.... Great news! I have refused to go near dogs quite a few times since this incident.

Pamphlet we recieved upon departing bird hospital. We will never forget.

The ceiling fans inside the temple next to the bird hospital actually do have covers over them to prevent bird injuries.

Lovely view from Smyle Inn, Delhi, note dog on roof top.

Me in Henna Shop - Amazing guy who makes stamps

In henna mans stamp warehouse

Arrival at train station

Hot peanuts in shells and craaazy chatty guy/language tutor

Unimpressed by my company

Entrance at Taj Mahal


Red Fort, Delhi

New family?

Taj Mahal

Poor poor hungry lonely puppies in Taj gardens

View of Taj from restaurant where we ate breakfast

At Yamuna River

Buffalos en route to bathe in Yamuna River

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